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About Bürger Europas e.V.

Historic change is taking place in Europe. The political, economic and social Integration is no longer bound to Western Europe as more and more countries are joining European Union. People in all countries shall receive various forms of assistance in this complex process.

With the aim of promoting political education and international understanding, "Bürger Europas" was founded December 11, 2001 in Berlin. "Bürger Europas" ("citizens of Europe") is an independent non-profit association supporting the idea of European Integration, whereby Europe to us means more than just the present EU-countries. Therefore, many of our activities concern dialogue in a bigger Europe, including those countries that will not join EU in the near future, like Belarus.

To this end, we organize and realize seminars, international conferences and meetings, non-profit youth-exchange and information events in Germany as well as in other european countries.

We support dialogue and a lively partnership between citizens, associations and organizations with representants, institutions and civil services of states and societies in European countries.

Partners from all over Europe!

Apart from conferences, seminars and information-events we are also engaged in European competitions, innovative internet-projects and informal exchange with our members and friends. These come from many european countries, such as Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Poland, Russia, Hungary and of course from many parts of Germany. We are always interested in receiving new ideas, requests of cooperation and partnership as well as proposals for projects concerning Europe.

Join our network of European Partners!

If you are interested in Europe, the strengthening of civil society and a young, engaged association, we will be happy to support you. We are a reliable partner that has a good record of succesful European Projects. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our staff speaks english as well as many other European languages.

Bürger Europas e.V.

Rumoldstr. 30
10365 Berlin

Tel: +49 (30) 247 249 04
Fax: +49 (30) 247 812 48

e-mail: info@buerger-europas.de